Autochartist™ for N1CM

Manage your trading day and create an environment that fits your trading style with Autochartist™ for N1CM.

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N1CM clients can have free access to Autochartist™ just by creating an account and take advantage of the trading opportunities it offers.

With Autochartist™, traders have access to simple-to-use tools for analyzing markets, seeing prospective trading opportunities, and quickly deciding when and what to trade.

N1CM’s Autochartist™

Utilize the robust technical analysis tools provided by Autochartist to quickly identify the trade possibilities as they arise. For both novice and seasoned traders, Autochartist offers real-time trade setups.

  • Trading opportunities are distributed through push notifications on mobile devices and the client area.

  • Each month, Autochartist provides 1000+ trade possibilities and ideas that can be implemented.

  • Access financial markets for Forex , Indices , Shares , Commodities , Metals , Cryptocurrencies .

  • Utilize Autochartist to continuously scan the market for top-notch trading chances to save time.

  • Visually appealing indicators help beginners better understand chart patterns.

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Advanced Features

Get alerts when new chart patterns like triangles, wedges, tops, and bottoms emerge. Additionally, Autochartist™ offers forecast ranges on finished patterns that show the anticipated price levels, enabling you to seize the opportunities.

The Key Levels tool from N1CM’s Autochartist can help in locating horizontal support and resistance levels at important price points. Traders are notified if there is a probable breakthrough or settlement at any of these levels. A variety of Fibonacci patterns, including straightforward extensions, retracements, and more intricate configurations like Gartley and Butterfly formations, can also be recognized by Autochartist.

Autochartist Big Movements Image

Big Movements

Identifies instances when excessively large movement (either up or down) has occurred in a financial instrument. These analysis are very interesting for trend followers as well as swing traders.

Autochartist Big Movements Image

Consecutive Candles

Shows occasions where a large number of candles have closed in the same direction. These analyses are particularly fascinating for swing traders as well as trend watchers, therefore they are suitable for a variety of trading types.

Autochartist Volatility Analysis Image


This feature offers details on the times of day when markets are more volatile, how to choose prospective trades and instruments that adhere to acceptable risk guidelines, and how to set appropriate exit levels.

Autochartist Key-Levels Image


Breakouts and approaches are the two different kinds of Key Levels. Key Levels are merely horizontal levels of support and resistance. Like with other levels of support and resistance, it is anticipated that price will either test the level and retrace, or it will break through it and move past it due to price momentum.




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