Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected], in the case of any questions or further inquiries.

For accounts to be fully activated, it will be necessary to provide n1cm.com with a high-quality copy (in colour) of your driving license, identity card, passport or similar form of government-issued ID. Along with your signature and an expiration date, the ID provided must clearly show your date of birth, location and name in full.
Yes. In order to both prevent fraud and operate in accordance with strict legislation, customers are required to verify their address. This means that the documents you provide n1cm.com must clearly display your full address, which must match the address entered when opening your account.
Yes. There are various forms of documentation accepted by n1cm.com when it comes to verifying your identity and opening your account.
More often that not, we will be able to use the documentation you provided previously if you open a new account. However, if any of your information has since changed, the relevant documentation will be required in order to open an account.
It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that their personal information is complete, accurate and up to date. Should any changes occur, please get in touch with our customer care department as soon as possible.
We’ve simplified the account opening process to make it quick and easy to get started. All you need to do is enter a few details and hit the button, in order to get your account set up and gain access to our member’s area. Once you’re in, it’s then as simple as depositing your chosen amount of funds into your account, before diving into the incredible resources, trading tools and special features n1cm.com has to offer. (Documentation may be requested to validate your identity and location.)
From start to finish, your account can be opened and ready to use in less than five minutes.
Accounts must be activated before any live trading can begin, which means providing n1cm.com with the relevant documentation to verify your identity. You can choose to download the trading software to your computer, or use our browser-based platform with no downloads required.
We offer several different trading accounts for traders at all levels.
n1cm.com is one of the few Forex brokers that does not impose strict expiration periods on demo accounts. Also, customers who deplete their demo account of funds entirely will always have the option of opening another demo account immediately after, 100% restriction-free. However, if a demo account hasn’t been active for three months or more, it will be closed
No. You will be asked to establish the base currency of your choosing when opening your account, after which you will not be able to change it. However, you will have the option of closing your account and opening a new account in a different currency at any time.
No. Our trading platform makes it impossible for traders every to go into negative balances. Should your account balance technically breach the zero barrier due to a shift in exchange rates, the balance will be collected when a subsequent deposit is made.
Again, no. Just as above, in the rare instance of a slight negative balance due to currency fluctuations, your next deposit will be used to offset the difference.
Bonus funds do not have to be paid back if lost in part or in full, though can be used just like regular funds for entering into trades.
Our commitment to account security by way of both personal data and finances is total. We follow the strictest principles laid out in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and employ a number of measures to protect the finances of our traders, including:
In order to protect our customers in the unlikely event of business insolvency, all funds including winnings are segregated in a separate account. This way, creditors will have no legal right to access our client’s funds under any circumstances.
n1cm.com works only with leading EU banks and financial institutions of flawless repute. We spare no effort or expense when it comes to protecting our customer’s finances.
n1cm.com offers variable spreads that go as low as 0.6 pip. We never re-quote prices, meaning that the prices displayed to our customers are the exact market prices received by our systems.
Markets generally open from Sunday 22:05 GMT to Friday 21:50 GMT, though different trading instruments have different operational hours.
Each number detailed below applies on a per-transaction basis and traders are able to enter into an unlimited amount. The numbers below are per transaction, and you can open an unlimited amount. STANDARD accounts: 1 lot = 100,000 Minimum trade volume = 0.01 Maximum trade volume = 50 Trading step = 0.01 When trading with CFDs, the minimum lot is 1 lot.
Hedging is permitted and supported by n1cm.com, allowing traders to open long and short positions on the same instrument at the same time. When a buy and sell position is entered into on the same instrument and the same time, the margin is reduced to zero.
Every n1cm.com trader benefits from our extensive and exclusive archive of high-quality learning materials. Whats more, traders at all levels are also provided with a professional account manager, serving as an important point of contact for answering questions and offering assistance where necessary.
Yes. n1cm.com is proud to be one of the only Forex brokers to allow traders to have up to five active trading accounts at any one time. It’s important to remember however that multiple accounts may represent multiple risks and is not an approach for inexperienced traders.
Though incredibly rare, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of slippage due to the unpredictability of the markets themselves. You order may be filled at a different rate to your initial request, in the unlikely event that there is a dramatic rise or fall in any given market price.
No. Traders with n1cm.com are free to trade as much as they choose to. However, we do not allow more than 200 simultaneous open positions and traders are limited to 50 standard lots at streaming prices.
In the instance of a dormant account with a zero balance, no fees or charges will apply. If the account still has a positive balance, $5 will be charged for each month of inactivity. If there is a balance of less than $5, this will be taken from the account. When a long-term period of account dormancy is expected, please get in touch with a n1cm.com agent to discuss the available options.
No. n1cm.com will allow accounts with zero balances to remain inactive for a maximum of three months, after which they will be closed by us.
Every feature and functionality the demo account offers is identical to the standard account. The only difference being that you will received $10,000 of a virtual currency in the account, which can then be used to try out what’s on offer. Get to know the ropes and experience with the various n1cm.com features and functions, without having to put a penny of real money on the line. You cannot lose a penny with a demo account, though of course you cannot make any profit either. Demo account users are however warned than decision-making isn’t always realistic when there is zero risk involved real money trading can be a very different experience.
Yes. n1cm.com permits customers to use automated trading and expert advisors without exception.
n1cm.com is proud to offer an extensive range of educations resources for newcomers to MT4, while your personal account manager will be standing by at all times to answer your questions.
n1cm.com accepts a wide variety of payment methods for maximum convenience, including bank wire transfers, most major credit cards and more. You’ll find full information on our “Deposit and Withdrawal” page, or feel free to get in touch with our service team anytime.
n1cm.com accepts deposits in any currency chosen by the customer. Upon receipt, the funds will be converted into the account holder’s base currency and deposited into their account. Can I withdraw to a credit card more than I deposited? No. If you deposit $500 from a credit card, $500 will be the withdrawal limit for the card. It is possible to withdraw larger sums than your deposits, though such transactions must be carried out by way of bank transfer.
You will only be able to request withdrawals of any kind after you have submitted the relevant documentation to verify your identity. n1cm.com accepts a number of documents and government-issues IDs, including passports, driving licenses, bank statements and utility bills. If using a bank statement or utility bill, it must be no more than six months old and clearly present the information we require.
Once your account and identity have been verified, you will be able to request withdrawals.
The trading system at n1cm.com does not allow traders to enter into options that could lead to their accounts being taken beyond zero. Every possible outcome is taking into account when the position is entered into, meaning that your account balance itself will not be negatively affected only the amount your placed on the trade. As such, withdrawals can still be made while other positions remain open.
Various factors affect the length of time it takes to withdraw money, such as your own bank or service provider, the payment type chosen and the country you are in. We do our best to process withdrawals within two working days, though in some instances it may take up to five working days.
n1cm.com does not charge a penny for making deposits, regardless of the amount or the payment type used. Certain withdrawals made by way of bank transfer may incur a fee if the amount withdrawn amounts to $500 or the equivalent. Where the banks we transfer funds to charge fees and commissions, these will be charged back to the client and subtracted from the withdrawal amount.
To minimise the chance of illegal activity and fraud, we do not allow funds to be transferred from one account holder to another.
n1cm.com will not allow any traders to make deposits using any payment types that are not exclusively their own. If the personal details on the payment type do not match those you opened your account with, the deposit will be refused.
Yes. While it is not permitted for funds to be transferred between two different traders, it is possible to make transfers from one account to another when owned by the same person. All personal data on both accounts must match for the transfer to be allowed and both accounts must be fully verified and active.
When n1cm.com credits trader’s accounts with bonus funds, these can be used to improve returns by entering into both larger trades and a higher number of trades. Though the profits made using these bonus funds can be withdrawn, the actual bonus amount itself cannot.
If one of the payment types you have used to deposit funds was a debit or credit card, this becomes the payment method you’ll then use for withdrawals. Bank wire transfers are only available if you wish to withdraw more than the balance you deposited using the credit or debit card.
n1cm.com does not add on any fees or commissions whatsoever.

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