N1CM Prepaid Card

N1CM Prepaid MasterCard®

Number One Capital Markets Ltd together with ePayments are glad to present you the universal payment solution – N1CM Prepaid card (or ePayments Prepaid MasterCard®), which considerably simplifies the payments settlement between N1CM and our traders and makes the work with our company even more comfortable.

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* ePayments are not allowed to accept applications from residents of countries under UN trading embargoes or OFAC sanctions – these currently include: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, N. Korea, Burma (Myanmar), Liberia, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe. They cannot accept MasterCard® applications from Indian citizens due to specific regulations from the Reserve Bank of India.

Having opened the account with ePayments, you can receive ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® and save money for the delivery in case of using the Royal Mail, since the delivery via Royal Mail is free. What do you need to do? You just need to complete the registration procedure, order the card having paid the annual membership fee which is $5,95.

We would like to draw your attention that to order the card you will not have to complete the verification procedure, but in this case there will be limits on your account, the removal of which will take place as soon as the verification procedure is completed.

In case you have not found in the withdrawal methods the method used by you to deposit the account or want to deposit the account in N1CM, you may use ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® to withdraw funds from your trading account.

ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® looks just like a regular bank card, issued by the bank. But it differs from the bank cards by the number of advanced features, which the regular bank in your country will not be able to provide you. This card may be used for POS operations (settlements), to withdraw cash from the ATM, to deposit your trading account or withdraw funds from it, withdraw funds from the card to Webmoney and vice versa.

Fees and limits:

EPA Membership Fees:

$5,95 – annual membership

$40 – Express Delivery of your ePayments Prepaid MasterCard®

ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® Fees:

$20.00 – card issue (included in the membership fee)

No charge – card activation

No charge – point-of-sale (POS) transactions

$2.60 – ATMs, per transaction

No charge – active account fee, per month

No charge – inactive account fee, per month

$10.00 – abandoned account fee, per month (after 6 months of no use)

No charge – account closure

$35.00 – lost/stolen card replacement

ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® Limits:

$10.00 – initial minimum load

$3,000.00 – maximum daily cash access at ATMs or bank tellers

$10,000.00 – maximum amount per load

$20,000.00 – maximum amount on a card

You can find more detailed description of limits and fees in epayments.com eWallet.

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