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Trust & Reliability

Founded in 2017 by foremost forex experts in the financial industry, N1CM aims to give prompt individual care and support to each of its valued customers in a safe and secure environment which we've established over the years. Our mission is to keep on track with the latest technological developments and cyber security measures so that our customers may rest at ease knowing their funds are safe and sound.

With a customer base of over 22.000 and growing day by day, we have served traders in more than 175 countries around the world.

Over 15.000 trades executed daily, we strive to give you the best trading experience possible where you're at liberty to deposit or withdraw your funds in milliseconds, at your convenience.


N1CM adheres to the strict financial regulations mandated by the jurisdictions in which we are regulated. Transparency, fairness and smooth trading experiences are our utmost priorities for our customers world-wide. We always have and will strive to establish and foster one-on-one customer relationships based on trust and security where you can trade without a second thought.

Fast in Operation

''Speed is key'' is our motto. We realize that our trading customers share our sentiment as well. In order to achieve our goals, our operations team is on a constant path to research related technological developments and keep up-to-date with the latest tools and products. We meticulously sift through our findings during our research, in an effort to incorporate the finely tuned end-result in our infrastructure so that you, as the trader, may execute your trading actions with lightning-speed.

At N1CM, opening a live account is a breeze and done in an instant while getting verified is a process which takes a maximum of 10 minutes during office hours while you brew yourself a cup of coffee for your mental trading jog.

Experience our withdrawal speed that is as quick as a flash and well above the market standards. Withdraw your hard-earned profits in a maximum of 10 minutes during business hours while you sit back and enjoy a sip of well-brewed coffee that you deserve.

It takes a maximum of 24 hours to have your account verified and withdraw your funds outside of office hours.

Multiple Markets

Diversify your assets – a cliched adage that yet holds true for every trader no matter their experience. That is why N1CM offers access to some of the most popular, extensive and coveted range of products in the market. One glaring benefit to trading with N1CM is that you get to trade with an impressive variety of products ranging from forex, CFDs, metals, energies, stocks and more.

''Diversification and globalization are the keys to the future.''

Get hands on with over thousands of markets for a diverse portfolio. Presenting over 10,000 financial markets, access a varying selection of products that cover forex, CFDs, metals, indices, stocks, commodities and more. Combined with many financial instruments and real-time buy-sell quotes, the sky's the limit for your trading needs.

Our customer service representatives are ever present and at your service for all your trading inquiries. Much like a well-oiled machine requires fuel to go forward, a great portfolio demands variety to expand upon your possible trading opportunities.

Various Payment Methods

To be able to serve our customers from over 175 countries globally, we've implemented a great amount of PSPs(Payment Service Provider) in our servers, including major cryptocurrencies. Prominent PSPs such as Visa, MasterCard, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, along with WireTransfer just to name a few, are amongst the payment methods you may wish to choose.

Your account and your capital to manage at your leisure. The ability to move; withdraw or deposit your funds is your privilege that we strive to make our priority. Here at N1CM, you're entitled to freely move across to infinity and beyond when it comes to being agile in the financial markets.

Take advantage of our secure, easy, fast and diverse payment options to control your funds.

Deposit / Withdrawal Methods

Various funding options and withdrawal methods including cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin) are available in all countries unless otherwise stated. Please take notice of any footnotes related to the deposit/withdrawal method you intend to use.

Furthermore, when you request to withdraw funds from your account, your funds will be transferred to you based on the currency you're using for your account. That means a USD based account will receive its withdrawals in USD as well.

Users are to acknowledge that while withdrawals are usually processed quickly within 1 working day, components such as oversight, malfunction, delay of online payment methods may factor into the speed at which your orders are completed.

Competitive Spreads and Commissions

N1CM provides some of the best and definitive spreads known to the trading markets.

We merely act as the intermediary body that places our customers' needs and wishes at the forefront, so as to form ever-lasting relationships based on accountability, reliability and trust.

Help & Support

N1CM's greatest mission is that of recognizing and meeting our customers' needs and wishes. We are in a league of our own when it comes to effortless communication in a handful of languages, including English, German and Turkish. We mean to incorporate additional languages to provide support in your own language for your linguistic ease and comfort.

Our customers take center stage in our global efforts to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and liability. No matter where you are and what platform you use, you can easily reach us through email, phone or our social network handles - Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or you can simply use our live chat on our website where you'll be contacted immediately.

Our customer support team is happily tasked with giving our customers prompt and satisfactory support when requested. The NumberOne team of customer representatives are available to you on weekdays, ready to assist you with your request. Solution-oriented, we aim to use your time and ours to the best of our abilities to quickly figure out your demands and needs, which we then efficiently resolve and let you get back to your trading.

License & Regulation

Licensing and regulation by a respected financial services authority legitimizes a broker's operations in the finance industry and makes it possible to trade products such as currencies or stocks in financial markets.

Licensed and regulated by VFSC(Vanuatu Financial Services Center), Number One Capital Markets Ltd. is an entity which is subject to its governing regulatory body, following and upholding its legal obligations. We adhere to and practice the full extent of laws and regulations set by VFSC to ensure the security and the privacy of our customer base and their funds are preserved.

Besides our current license and certification by VFSC, we persistently keep working towards obtaining other well-known and reputable licenses in the world to expand and spread our brand awareness to other parts of the world. Along with our headquarters in Port Vila, Vanuatu, N1CM also runs offices worldwide.

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