09:29, 02 December

Market Recap

Last week the GBPUSD continued to do little. For the last six weeks or so the GBPUSD has traded in a narrow range consolidating under resistance at 1.30, which has become a level of significance. Earlier in the range, the GBPUSD eased ever so slightly from a five month high just above 1.30 after smashing through the key 1.25 level which has resisted prices strongly for around a month. It had also received some support from 1.28 during this period of consolidation. It will be interesting to see how long the selling pressure remains at 1.30 or whether the sterling eases away and returns to previous levels closer to 1.25. The 1.25 level may now reverse roles and provide some support should the sterling decline from its current highs. It may also use this current consolidation period as a base for higher prices as it may look to test the resistance at 1.30.